Legend Of The Firebringer


Author: Colin Pearce
Price: $3.49

Entrepreneurs (i.e. all business owners) don’t have to be overburdened, get sick, break up their families or die before their time.

As an entrepreneur (i.e. a business owner) you are probably:

  • expecting too much of others, your family included
  • working long hours
  • guilty about your poor quality of life
  • worried about competition and the economy
  • burdened with too many details and roles
  • frequently lonely and misunderstood
  • reluctant to trust your employees
  • needing help but probably too self assured to ask for it

For a handful of coins you can get the help you need. Start by buying Colin Pearce’s Legend of the Fire Bringer. You will see the light. get your life back, get your time back, and get your health back.

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