Book Colin Pearce to speak and he will give you more than you bargained for!

Colin Says, ‘Whether you want me to speak to 50 or 5000 people, you will get more than you bargained for. My favourite clients will tell you, “Book Colin Pearce to speak. He is a funny, feisty story teller who gets his message across in a style your people can digest easily. People put what he says into practice the next day, and therefore he makes you look good!”

The audience reaction was HUGE – I would take a bet that every single person in that room got something out of Colin Pearce’s presentation – every single person – that’s magnificent. We are so pleased we booked Colin Pearce to speak. – Telecom NZ

Follow the four steps below to book Colin Pearce to speak:

Step 1: Is Colin Pearce the right fit?

Check What does Colin Pearce speak about? and maybe You Tube to see if Colin’s presentations fit your theme: You hire a professional speaker to bring you his message in which he has a proven success record, not to cook something up to try out first time on your audience. Fortunately, Colin Pearce has a range of skills and topics.

Step 2: Do you have a professional budget?

Check your budget: Like any skilled professional, a professional speaker speaks for a fee. It’s not like the days of the Great Depression where you paid the doctor with a couple of chickens and a bag of spuds. Hiring a professional speaker means you will not only cover his professional fee but where required, also flexible air travel, (usually Business for more than three hours in the air), accommodation, ground transport and modest meal expenses. (refer to Service Promise).

Step 3: Before you book Colin Pearce to speak, be flexible with your timing

Isolate two or three dates and/or time slots in your program, mentioning them in the booking inquiry (next step) to make sure he is available for your event.

Step 4: Send off a booking inquiry

Send us a booking inquiry. This link will open an email to us so you can type in your date, the location and add your normal email signature.
I will call to chat and if things pan out, we will send you an agreement to sign with an invoice for 50% of the fee, which is paid as a calendar marker.


I like MC-ing conferences but I’m not that keen on speaking at, or MC-ing dinners where the guests’ alcohol consumption makes it all pretty much a blobby experience for all of us, so I might pass on the dinner job.