Service promise

If Enron, Worldcom, Arthur Anderson, HIH, OneTel (Australia) had service promises they either weren’t very sound promises or the principals didn’t stick to their principles. Call it a statement of ethical behaviour or a code of conduct but it all comes to the same thing. It says, ‘Here’s my way of doing things. I promise to stick by it.’

You can read more about this theme in my book ‘Five Star Service on a One Star Budget.’

To let you know I practice what I preach here is what I promise to do when you book me to speak: So you can be sure my message is on the ball,

  • Be sure of what you want to achieve out of inviting me to be with you
  • Have specific goals for my presentation
  • Relate my presentation to the theme of your meeting
  • Let you know what my travel arrangements are surrounding the date so you won’t be anxious about my arrival time

On the day of my presentation, I will:

  • Contact you when I arrive
  • Let you know if there are delays to my travel
  • Not drink alcohol while I’m ‘on your dime’
  • Go easy on the goodies in the bar fridge
  • Gladly eat with your people and join in any festivities, tours etc to be part of the group, but as I want to hit the hay early the night before my presentation I might excuse myself
  • Stay out of your way until you call on me
  • Mingle with your audience to familiarise myself with their frame of mind on the day.
  • Be dressed appropriately, always one step more formal or business-like than the audience
  • Provide an easy-to-read introduction to make the introducer look good and to get the audience ready to receive my message
  • Be in the room, seated and visible to you even before my introduction begins

A lot depends on your room and your people so I will offer my expertise as a producer:

  • Because 40% of the success of any presentation is dependent on the audience and the room. I will advise you if I feel their mix or frame of mind will be a significant factor in the way I will be received. For example I know that an audience with women in it will respond more positively than an all male audience. A ‘hung over’ audience will not respond positively at all.
  • Accordingly I will undertake a room reccy and a sound check at least an hour before I speak. If the room needs rearranging you should know now that I will be firm about my suggestions. After all I have managed meetings and audiences since I was 12 years old and I do it for a living so I feel I owe it to you to share my experience to get the best result for you. However I will not throw a hissy fit if it can’t be done my way. I am flexible after all.
  • Make suggestions to the crew as to how to maximise audience impact through the creative use of lights, sound and staging
  • Furthermore, I will coordinate with the set-up crew and other presenters to make sure we’re all singing off the same song sheet

When I’m speaking you can count on me to:

  • Open my speech with energy and involve personalities in the room as much as I can
  • Never use profanity
  • Interact constantly with the audience and when less than 200 in number get them buzzing and interacting with each other where the message style is appropriate
  • Present well-researched information
  • Use stories and humour liberally
  • If the topic calls for it, use first class data shows with music, sound or video clips to enhance the look, feel and impact of my speech
  • Ad lib professionally through any technical hiccups – like sound system or lighting glitches
  • Allow for questions and comments at given times through my presentation where the audience size is appropriate
  • Relate my presentation to your organization and industry
  • Only offer my books and programs if approved in advance
  • If allowed only take a minute or two to offer my products and then get on with the purpose of my presentation
  • Adjust my time-frame if I need to and stick to the schedule


  • I will be visible and available to answer questions and chat
  • Verify my room charges at check out time
  • Itemise expenses and bill you promptly within a few days of making my presentation
  • Provide receipts
  • Send a copy of my email newsletters for all who ask for them
  • Discuss ways we might further explore the impact of my message
  • Remain tight lipped about confidential information you or your people share with me
  • Be happy to take phone calls or email questions from audience members or executives
  • Invite the audience members to access my Shop and Franchise Trainer Courses

In Summary

  • I will be on my toes and have your audience on the edge of their seats