Here are my three favourite sales skills I promised you.

Watch the video introduction and turn up your sound. It’s 15 minutes of me challenging you with my three favourite sales skills; sales skills I wish someone had taught me before I started selling — sales skills that have never been more important than in 2020-2021’s climate. You can no longer get by with how you did your selling pre-March 2020.

It’s my gift to you. What can you lose by tuning in?

When you are ready to chat about how these sales skills apply to your unique situation, complete these four steps.

1. Be open-minded and unafraid. I promise to speak with you 1:1 when you complete the next steps and nominate a time to call, demonstrating your willingness to do what it takes to come through the next few months with flying colours.

2. All I ask is that you be honest in your responses.

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