Business consulting

Business owners always need help—all kinds of help and guidance because you can’t possibly know everything. You can’t be expert at everything. It’s foolish to be too proud to ask.

Yes, I know people admire you and often ask for your wisdom about business because there’s a mystique to being a business owner. However, you and I know the only mysterious thing about business is how you keep it operating without going nuts!

There’s no shame in calling in a consultant and getting help.

You wouldn’t build a new factory without an architect, engineer, draftsperson, or licensed builder. You wouldn’t check your premises for white ants, rats or snakes. I doubt that you complete your own tax returns. You wouldn’t take out your own appendix. You probably don’t even cut your own hair. So why would you think you have to run your entire business operations by yourself. Who are you pretending to be? Donald Trump?

You’d contract me to help you with your sales and communications.

  • sales training and sales systems,
  • customer service initiatives and training,
  • presentation training,
  • exhibit selling,
  • telephone and email behaviours,
  • online and video communication,
  • character and engagement principles.

Character training with Colin Pearce

I wheel in other consultants who help you with these things;

  • managing your financial and legal matters,
  • ‘head hunting’ or de-hiring employees, and crisis counselling,
  • understanding laws like health and safety, HR, building and traffic codes,
  • managing union and employer relationships,
  • finding new markets locally and overseas, or streamlining your manufacturing,
  • analysing and advising your IT.

How other companies ask me to ‘consult’.


A publishing company contracted me for a year to give their marketing and sales departments a big boost.
Their shop managers needed sales and merchandising skills. Their brochures and flyers needed a new lease of life. Their book launches needed pizazz. Their new curriculum materials needed marketing into the US and Canada and I guided a campaign that broke all records.Colin Pearce, sales consultant


A retailer with 100 retail stores needed regular video production for induction, training and communication so they contracted me for fifteen hours monthly for eighteen months or more to get the work done.


A multi level marketing company contracted me for two years to speak at conventions, produce sales presentation videos, produce a training video in the form of a TV variety show. They had me produce a monthly audio (like a podcast). I advised management about communication and sales, acted as an advisor to the executive team and produced their convention.


A franchise company contracted me for 15 hours a month to develop sales systems for their shopping centre displays and trade shows. They needed sales training and reporting systems for their interstate managers. They needed their sales processes analysed and changed, and installed. They needed their telephone order system captured and maintained. They needed their franchisees’ training demonstrations placed on video and online. The even needed me to write and produce television commercials.

CEO on contract:

The CEO of an international company with its head office in Asia contracted me for twenty hours a month over a long term to re-invent the broken communication, training and marketing procedures of her company’s subsidiary in Australia. Part of the contract was that I acted as her own personal confidante and coach.

Family business:

A family owned company battling with the marketing of their technological invention, contracted me for ten hours a month to analyse their sales procedures, establish their training systems and sit on their advisory board to keep their thinking fresh and above the hurly burly of day to day busyness.

Huge variety:

Many companies have hired me to design and deliver customer service and sales procedures to their franchisees. We’ve worked together to capture those on video and to deliver them in manual form. They have also hired me to manage their annual conventions.Video Production on site with Colin Pearce

How do you engage with me?

Time is scarce and I have plenty on my plate. I don’t run myself ragged with too many assignments. It does neither of us any good so I might not be available, but let’s see anyway.
Email me and say you want to talk to me about a consulting situation, including your full email signature (full name, mobile, email, location, company) giving three times when you will be available for a phone call. I will call you (no charge) and undertake a quick assessment (5-7 minutes) to give us both a chance to see if I am available and whether we are a good fit.
We will then pick a time to meet for an hour and I’ll ask questions and take notes. If you are not in SA that meeting will take place on Skype.
Then I will write you a summary and a proposal and ask you to make a decision about proceeding.
1. I don’t help alcohol, gaming and tobacco companies do any more damage.
2. As I often say, the odd miracle I can pull off but resurrecting the dead is a tad beyond me. If you’ve started (or bought) a bung business with unsaleable product, irresponsible staff or unmanageable debt, I’m sorry for you but I can’t help.