Coaching for speakers

I already know you really do want to be so good they can’t ignore you, otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked onto this page.

You are a winner

You weren’t born to be a loser so enjoy holding the cup of success

So it’s a given.

Let’s not beat about the bush and be shy. You want to so good they can’t ignore you. In fact the idea of being star communicator — speaker, storyteller, persuader — gets you excited. Being a flop certainly has no appeal.

Now all we have to do is work out how to get you to your version of stardom, whether it’s

  • on the platform,
  • at a family occasion,
  • at a business function,
  • presenting to your colleagues or
  • persuading a customer.

You only need to know these three things.

1. You don’t have to be embarrassed about it

So, you’re no Abraham Lincoln or Oprah Winfrey! There’s no shame in that. No mere mortal is born so confident and capable they can influence millions. Not even Abe or Oprah. It’s a learned skill and a studied art form.

2. I can get you there

The only thing I will ever put you down for is you putting yourself down.

You have to understand this; I believe in you more than you do. I have this underlying philosophy that you haven’t got this far by accident. and you haven’t come thi far to only come this far. In fact I have been known to say, you are ten times better than you think. The only person who is stopping you from being so good they can’t ignore you, is you.

Seth Godin once wrote something I believe in wholeheartedly,

‘Just imagine how much you’d get done if you stopped actively sabotaging your own work.
We must be talented, powerful and resilient creatures indeed given how much we manage to produce despite the constant undercutting, ridicule and needless censorship we aim at ourselves.’

3. You can trust me. I know how to make you shine

I can get you so good they can’t ignore you – and I have never lost a ‘patient’.
The ‘About me’ page tells you my whole story but for now you only need to know I will get you to be so good they can’t ignore you.
The other stars’ testimonials on the ‘solutions’ page ought to reassure you that I can help you too.

Send this ready-to-go email and let the Star Maker go to work on the masterpiece that is you.

Colin Pearce audience members

Colin after speaking to young star graduates at Luzerne International College of Hotel Management