Ask me to mentor you, or to motivate your people.

Mentoring you means;

  • you can ask for my support with ‘issues’ in your business,
  • you can get me to coach you for a spoken presentation.

Motivating your people means;

  • you can book me to speak to your people online,
  • when it’s allowed, you can book me to speak to your people in a live setting.
Colin Pearce coaches people with a message

Colin helps you grab more attention; create lasting change.

Speaking and persuading others is not the dark art many people make it out to be. It’s a skill you can learn.

Find the right teacher and you can learn just about anything. Colin has been speaking and performing since he was 4, and producing events since he was 16. He knows how to help you be so good you can’t be ignored.

Colin Pearce coaches business owners

It doesn’t have to be this hard. You don’t have to go it alone.

The stupidest words in the English language are, ‘I’ll work it out.’ 

When you are stuck, the last thing you are capable of doing is working out your troubles and clearing the dark thoughts by yourself. That’s the time to call in someone who will listen and help you think straight. Send this email and Colin will respond personally.

Colin Pearce is experienced at speaking to a camera

Book Colin to speak to your people online

After presenting over 1,000 television shows, Colin delivers a professional message so your people take note and act.

Decades of presenting in front of just a camera and a floor crew has given Colin the ability to project his message right through the lens to your people sitting in their homes and offices.

Colin Pearce speaks on stage

Book Colin Pearce to speak at your live event.

No, the time is not right at the moment. But people will be getting together again. Conferences will come back.

When the meetings get going again you will need speakers who can remind people they are ten times better than they think and that it is not hard to be so good they (and you) can’t be ignored. Keep Colin Pearce in mind for such a time.