Teacher’s help & booklet for I used to be dead (Tahlia’s story)

Creator: Colin Pearce
Price: $4:99


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The book makes more sense and raises more anticipation for the readers (or listeners) if they are prepared by completing the booklet before reading.

Set in 28 AD in Roman-occupied Israel, the book covers military domination, disability, migration, nationality (or race if you will), arranged marriage, refugees, occupations, customs and beliefs.

There are also reference to religions (Greek, Syrian, Jewish and Roman) as well as customs and folk-ways. Children who gain understanding about the setting will enjoy the reading much more. You will see ‘Ah-Ha’ moments on their faces as they read or as you read to them.

You can order here for $4.99 and download the master straightaway so you can distribute the number of copies you need for your class.

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