I used to be dead (Tahlia’s story)

Author: Colin Pearce
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In a fishing village in Palestine in the Roman year 781 AUC (our 28 AD), four free-spirited 12-year-olds are well known for causing 
havoc, and getting away with it.

Tahlia and her three untamed friends make ridiculous plans that never come off, often disrupting the town and their families.

Stealing, disturbing the peace, tempting disaster, getting even with the baker, upsetting Tahlia’s mother and her pompous uncle, even befriending the town’s crazy person, are only a few of their escapades.

Their antics are daring and often silly, and although they lived a long time ago, they show that being alive then was as funny and rich as it can be today.

When they hear about a stranger who makes miracles happen to sick people – just by
 his words – they decide to tag along after him, only to be disappointed time after time because they can never track him down.

Then Tahlia gets sick …


It’s a great book. Definitely a fun read for me. I loved the humour and the type of relationship the friends have with each other. I loved Ari and how lots of other famous stories and characters are woven into the book.
Dion Coleopy (10)

I actually don’t read much (find it boring). I used to skip chapters and read summaries online when I had assignments to read books and write about them.
I used to be dead is actually the first book I’ve read from page 1 to the last one without skipping any.
You said I’d probably find the book silly (being an engineering student) but I actually enjoyed it! I thought it was funny and it did make me smile (especially after a bad day at uni).
Takudzwa Taziva

Dear Colin Pearce. I love how your book starts. I was hooked by the first page. Thank you so much for selling me the book. Are you going to write another book?You did a fantastic job, finishing this one
Isabella (9)

This book is a rollicking good read for 10-12 year olds. It brings Bible times alive, with humour, charm, geographic and historical accuracy and biblical integrity. Every ‘naughty’ kid should read it 🙂 – they’ll love it!
Claire Bell (MA, Novelist)

Colin Pearce’s description of life in the first century AD is well researched. He takes you there. You can smell the fish market, hear the hubbub of commerce, see the shining Lake, and feel the gravel between your toes. The result is a delightful children’s yarn set in the historical context of the gospels that kids will find hard to put down. I launched Colin’s first book in 1993 and now I’m delighted to note that ten books later he has come home to his art as a storyteller.
Dr Barry Chant,
Author and teacher

Teachers will find that this intriguing book opens windows to the Middle East, Roman history, family relationships, migration, and even arranged marriage. Kids will love Colin’s humorous approach.
Kim Golding,
CEO Adelaide Christian Schools

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