Advice is not always helpful.

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The fishermen.

Two poor and hungry fishermen were arguing about who should eat an oyster but could not come to terms. They clearly needed advice but there was none at hand.

‘I saw it first’, said one.
‘But I picked it up’, said the other.
‘Yes, but that’s because I pointed it out and you reached out before me.’
‘Well you were so slow, I thought you didn’t want it.’

Just then a stranger walked by and asked what the argument was about.

That started the argument again.

The stranger listened and seeing there was no agreement advised, ‘I have the perfect solution for you. Trust me and hand me the oyster.’
‘I can see there is but one thing to do and that is to share it. He cracked it open, gulped down the oyster and handed the men half the shell each, saying, ‘Now you have an equal share.’
‘But you ate the oyster yourself,’ they both wailed.
‘Yes. I am a lawyer. That was my advice. That was my fee. Good day.’

My Kick in the Pants advice for you:

Be careful whom you trust.
Test advice before you take it.
Heed less opinions.
Settle the terms before the transaction takes place.
Remember, there’s always another oyster.

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