The Fox Proof Chook House – Audio book

Listen as I read you the book of the same name, complete with genuine chickens and roosters clucking away in the back ground just as if you were in an old abandoned farm house filled with stray chickens. You can almost smell them as you listen.

This is great advice from an unusual source: a motivational chicken!  A slightly (un)orthodox ordained rooster in fact.

In the style of TV’s Dr Fillet, Jerry Springchicken and even Gus your tent captain at summer camp, Parson Snows tells it how it ought to be.

Peek in the old farmhouse window as Parson Snows gives a 20 second talk to chickens about keeping their houses safe from foxes

You will think that the feathered sage is speaking directly to you—about your life, the things in which you take pride and cherish most, even your disappointments and failures, your business, your relationships, your family and your future.  You won’t believe that so much wisdom can be learned in only a few seconds from a mere chook!

As his collaborator and fellow motivational speaker I review Parson Snows back yard wisdom in peck-sized pieces.