How to live well & finish well.

9 deep and meaningful lessons I learned from working in pre-school TV

Between 1976 and 1981 I had the time of my life working in two broadcast television stations: GTS-BKN in regional South Australia and (as it was then) ADS7 in Adelaide. Most of that time I presented children’s television programs.

I wrote. I produced. At GTS I even built the sets and arranged the lighting—and sold the advertising. See the pictures in the book.

I hasten to add, as I explain in the book, I was not famous. I was no more than a legend at my mother’s breakfast table. Our shows struggled to reach a rating of 2 and 3 when shows like M.A.S.H. were rating 35 and had ten times the child audience that we did.

Nevertheless I learned lots. This book (in 50 pages with photos) explains how presenting pre-school Television taught me 9 life lessons I still value today.


  1. People take you for what you mean to them. (5)
  2. Every day there’s a new script. (15)
  3. You need a friend you can trust. (19)
  4. You need music and poetry.(23)
  5. You need imagination & creativity. (26)
  6. You need stories.(30)
  7. You need to cut and edit.(7)
  8. You need a support crew. (38)
  9. You need an unreasonable friend. (42)

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