It’s not a misprint. I really am wishing you a happy new YOU!

Couple of things to let you know about.

1. To start 2021 I want to share my favourite presentation with you on the BE SO GOOD PODCAST. It is one of the core beliefs at the Colin Pearce Academy,

You are ten times better than you think. It’s Episode 007 in the Be So Good Podcast.

2. There’s also deal for you. To get yourself up and running for your best shot at 2021 (and the rest of your life), you can access to my course, Business Leadership Blueprint for just $7 for the month of January 2021.

It’s normally part of the whole $77 monthly subscription to all the courses and community group in the Academy but I know a lot of readers have had a wobbly year and need a bit of pep oin your step. Some might even still wondering who and how to be after a year like 2020. I’m on your side. Take the short ten lesson course and get  focused again.

Good. better. best.

You are ten times better than you thinkMy mother wrote this in my autograph book when I was about 10 or 11. Someone might have written it in yours too.
Good, better best.
Never let it rest,
till your good is better,
And your better, best.

It is a great old piece that used to be stamped on the name plate of Furphy farm equipment – particularly water carts.

In this presentation Episode 007 of the BE SO GOOD PODCAST I take you through the idea of you being the best: B.E.S.T.

Put in your mind that you are

> Ten times bigger this year (in health, wealth and spirit)
> Ten times more exciting
> Ten times smarter
> Ten times more talented.

All of this is well true, in spite of the fact that you might argue every point with examples of the opposite.

To support my argument read this: I grabbed it from Seth Godin back in 2001 and i have found it to be accurate in my case.

‘Just imagine how much you’d get done if you stopped actively sabotaging your own work.

We must be talentedpowerful and resilient creatures indeed given how much we manage to produce despite the constant undercutting, ridicule and needless censorship we aim at ourselves.’



The flagship course in the is the Business Leadership Blueprint. It’s normally part of the total $77/month Academy membership program.

Just for the month of January 2021 I want you to take it for $7 because 2020 was one to mess up your head something horrible and it’s been hard to see around the corner, hasn’t it?

So the Business Leadership Blueprint will get you to re-think your self-hood, your vision, your goals, your purpose and why you came to planet earth. It’s my special grant to you to get your year off to a polished start.

GO TO THE ACADEMY and enrol in this special one-month offer

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