When they don’t respond to your message, tell them again and again and again and again and …

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’How many times should you ask someone to buy?


The teacher replied, ’Just seven will do.’

’Why so many? Won’t people feel pestered?’

’If they don’t get the message by the 7th time, they are never going to get it and they rarely respond after one instance’

’Well why not just once or twice?’

  • ’The  first time they are on vacation,
  • the second time they trash all their emails by mistake,
  • the third time they are too busy to read it,
  • the fourth time they see the message but don’t react,
  • the fifth time they think about it for two seconds,
  • the sixth time they realise it’s just what they need but still do nothing about it,
  • but on the 7th time they actually ‘see’ your offer for the first time and respond.

That’s what’s behind Jerry Crockford’s thinking in this 

Picture this.
> Your buyer has no pool. They’ve never felt the need for a pool.
> Your letter/email arrives and tells them they need a pool.
> They trash the message.
> The next time you message them, their brother has installed a pool.
> Your buyer asks him how much it cost.
> Your third message arrives and his kids for the first time have whined, ‘I wish we had a pool like Uncle Pete’.

You see where this is going don’t you?

In BE SO GOOD PODCAST episode 004 Jerry explained the Buyer’s journey. You can’t expect your message to accidentally, miraculously smack your buyer in the forehead with your message if your buyer is on an unrelated part of the journey.

Jerry reiterates his notions about awareness and consideration and decision … but says you can only sell something to someone if they perceive you can solve a problem for them or fulfill a dream. There are no other reasons.

With awareness consideration and decision in mind there would be a difference in the approaches to your cold, cool and warm markets.
’Cold’ people should be thought of as at the awareness stage—awareness they have a problem.
’Cool’ people would be those who are considering their options and of course,
‘warm’ people are ready to see a salesperson or receive a proposition.

When someone comes to your web site you have no idea whether they are cold, cool or warm, do you? This is where you would introduce a series of feedback mechanisms to find out where they are on the buyer’s journey. You’d offer them a downloadable item and insert a pertinent qualifying questions on the form. You’d then follow up with another offer with one ortwo more questions. Over about 3 to 7 interactions you build up a profile of the worthy candidate.

In this morning’s BE SO GOOD PODCAST Episode 010, Marketing expert Jerry Crockford explains why you can’t launch a one-hit-wonder campaign and hope it will cure all evils.

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