The six not-so-observable characteristics of motivated people

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These are notes and take-outs from the BE SO GOOD PODCAST released 9th December 2020

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Do you know how to spot a motivated person?

Do motivated people have ‘that look in their eye’?
Are motivated people bouncier than other people?
Do motivated people walk with determined stride?

Now I mention it, are you a motivated person?

You have to stay motivated in spite of difficult times like 2020-2021 or you will just curl up and whither?
But is it possible to be a motivated person?

In my view, these are all the wrong questions. I reckon there are six not-so-observable characteristics of motivated people and they are available to you and me today, right now.

1. Motivated people start at the end and work back.

Do you ever worry about how much of your life you have left?

Surprise! It’s 100%

Many people let what they do tomorrow determine who they will be at the end of their life.
Idea!! For you, why not let who you will be at the end of your life determine what you will do and be tomorrow?

Here’s a good exercise for this time of the year – maybe between Christmas and New Year’s day.
Write the newspaper article that would be written about you by a journalist the day after your 80th birthday party.
> Mention the guests and what they said about you.
> Roll out the stats of the day, blood pressure, weight, BMI, resting pulse rate, etc …

There is more to do on the podcast.

2. Motivated people hitchhike.

Alan Loy McGuinness suggest if we find someone else’s band wagon is heading anywhere near where we want to go, we should hop on board.

Human existence is a primal scream from the cradle to the grave in search of recognition

3. Motivated people are like the Grand old Duke of York

Be either up or down. Don’t be only half way. Motivated people are not half way up or down a mountain. If  you are neither up nor down you are medi ocris – half way on a mountain i.e. Mediocre (50:50, so-so, half baked, passionless.)

Kites rise against the wind and not with it.

Even a grain of sand can become a pearl if it sticks to its task long enough.

4. Motivated people understand the power of words

You know so-o-o-o-o-o much. Capture what you know in words.

Use more pro-customer signs in your work-place.

Everyone has a customer. Find out who yours is and serve them.

5. Motivated people  use the power of stories

Error! I wrongly attributed the quote, Truths embedded in a tale shall enter in at lowly doors’  to Charles Dickens ! It is two lines from one of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poems, In Memoriam.

Nevertheless Tennyson tells us that stories work for people of any mental or social stature.

6. Motivated people  plant hope

‘Here’s what it will be like to live a life with our product or service on your possession.’

‘If you are the last dog in the sled team the view never changes.’

Motivated people pull people out of the back of the line and help them see a wider vision.
Right now the world needs more motivated people and strong self motivation is available to all of us.

Meanwhile, live long and prosper,


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