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Grandma said you should never judge a book by its cover, but…


Although it’s not wise to assess someone’s character before you get to know them, a few simple observations can help you get to know them quicker.

If you know how to read the signs – usually fairly obvious signs – relationships can get off to a good start, particularly with business prospects.

Vive la Difference
This also applies to getting along with colleagues at work. Too many dust-ups are caused by not understanding the essential differences between people. A common complaint is, ‘Why can’t everyone be nice like me?’

Joke! As if!

And how about the differences in families?
Parents make a ridiculous mistake when they set out to make their children in their own image. We have more time than just a blink to read our children and guide their differences but still we expect them to turn out as nicely as we did.

Another joke.

Difference is all there is
There have been 108 billion people on planet earth and in our entire history, no two of us have ever been the same, so our difference is our blessing. If we get onto that reality, we will be a lot happier than fighting it.

What’s the answer?
People have been looking forever for the key to unlock the great puzzle, ‘What makes us different?’ Some have decided it is the influence of the stars and planets, others the four elements; wind, fire, water and earth. Some have deduced that ‘spirits’ come out of the trees and make us who we are, and others, say it is our parents’ dreams.

In this morning’s BE SO GOOD PODCAST Episode 009, (in a recorded presentation) I help you see people through the eyes of the old Greek, Dr. Hypocrates. His theories formed the basis of generations of thought developing the idea that the influences that make us who we are come from our DNA – or as he postulated, our bodily fluids.


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