Selling requires a little extra.

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What kind of pain are they in?

When you are selling, you have no idea what kind of pain your customer might be trying to alleviate. Nearly every morning I bring The Lovely Christine a cup of tea to wake her up. It’s always served in her favourite cup and saucer with matching fitted tea pot. She has loved the set for years.

From saint to sinner sinner!

I caused a little spill this morning and while cleaning up, the cup and tea pot lid came to grief. I checked the brand name on the bottom of the saucer and looked up the distributor’s web site. I called the number, expecting the usual run around, press this or that button folderal, phone tag and common nincompoopery you get when you call any business these days.
(Side bar: I called a local business with only FIVE employees yesterday and they even had a ‘For sales press 1 … etc’ responder. The world’s gone mad)

Selling with a smile

SURPRISE ONE: A woman answered in a cheery voice.
MY BIT: Seeing from their web site that they stock thousands of items I gingerly asked if I could speak to someone about a cup and saucer I needed to replace, fully expecting Ms Cheery Chops to drop the front and say, ‘Yeah. Like we’ve got hundreds of cups and saucers, Mate. Which one ya wanna arkse about?’
SURPRISE TWO: She said, ‘I can help you with that.’
And she hadn’t even listened to my Great Phone Sklills course.
MY BIT: I told her that I would have to suspend my husbandly duties if she didn’t find me a replacement cup and I might therefore not live longer than another week.
SURPRISES THREE AND FOUR: She suggested I send her a smartphone photo of the bits and she’d either identify them and tell me how to get the replacement or recommend an alternative. Great selling!
MY BIT: Click and send.
SURPRISE FIVE: Two minutes later, back came the response that the pattern is no longer made but that there were two alternatives in stock if I’d like to choose from the two pictures attached. Even better selling!
MY BIT: I rang to thank her and asked if the rims were thin and delicate or like a pie cart coffee mug.
SURPRISE SIX: She said she had ten pages of cups and saucers on her ‘wholesalers only’ website and she would send me a snapshot of each one.
MY BIT. After I recovered from the shock of finding another human being who cares I ordered and gladly awaited the delivery.

My Kick in the Pants for you: Make someone’s day and actually give a toot.

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