Selling isn’t telling.

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Be So Good podcast 005 is a live presentation about talking less and selling more as the result.

This is a recording of a live presentation – quite funny in parts too.

  • The advice I share with the audience is enlarged upon in the Colin Pearce Academy, module of the same name in the course, Sell more, easier, faster
  • I explain that asking questions is the trickiest art in selling
  • Right now in the final rush of shopping before Christmas this skill is essential.
  • Asking questions will save you time, save your harassed customers’ patience and put you in control of the situation for your mutual benefit.
  • Asking questions is something all salespeople have been told to do but you know that very few ever do it.
  • They can usually manage to ask,
    • You right there?
    • Can I help you at all?
    • Is anyone helping you?
    • Whatcha after?
    • for which they think they should be awarded the Nobel Prize for International Commerce.

That’s not selling by asking. It’s amateurish.
Listen to the podcast to find out the better way.

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