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It’s actually spelled S.A.Sh.M.A.C.

S.A.Sh.M.A.C. is an acronym I made up years ago to remind me to keep my sales presentations shorter. In those days I could turn a ten minute presentation into an hour and ten easily.


For one thing, I knew a lot about the product or service and loved to share my enthusiasm. (To be quite transparent about it, I love to share my enthusiasm about anything.)

I also thought that my job was to persuade someone to buy and the only way to do that was to tell them lots of stuff, with enthusiasm, gusto, chutzpah and entertainment.

S.A.Sh.M.A.C. stands for …

  • Smile
  • Agree (i.e. be agreeable)
  • Show More Advantages
  • Close again

You will always need it

It’s very useful. Anyone who’s been in sales for more than three minutes knows that two things are 100% predictable.

1. You will get questions
2. You will probably get reasons why the ‘buyer’ won’t buy. (AKA ‘objections’)

And the problem with that?

• When you get questions, you feel obliged to answer, and usually at length.
• When you get ‘objections’ you feel obliged to prove you are right, the customer is wrong; and again, usually at length.

So your presentation goes forever.

Stepping stones

You must come to grips with questions and objections. That’s what the picture is about. They are stepping stones on the way to the ‘bank’.

When you get one you should take a breath and hold back. While you’re doing that, SMILE kindly, not sardonically, not sneering, just patiently.

Make the next thing you say sound agreeable. 

  • I’ve heard people say that.
  • That’s a common question.
  • A lot of people wonder about that.
  • That’s a pretty logical question.
  • I’m glad you asked.

Now don’t answer the question or make an argumentative point.

If you do, you’ll be there all day and will just invite more unhelpful interruptions. 

You can’t help a drowning person if you surrender your leadership. You will help the buyer best by being the one in cotrol of question time. So say;

  • Funny. I was just coming to that.
  • If I don’t answer that in the next 2 minutes, tell me.
  • I’ll answer that with a story.
  • When my last buyer asked that I showed them this …
  • Use one of the questions form Episode 005, ‘Selling isn’t telling’ such as;
    • Shall I give you the full laboratory case study or just skim the surface?
    • etc …

There’s a graph

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