Make More Money From Every Sale

Make More Money From Every Sale

You want more money in the cash drawer and lots of happy customers, right? Who doesn’t? Daft thing is, very few people realise that they are their own answer; not the landlord, not the marketing department, not the weather or the economic situation. This is the best seller that has been changing retailer’s lives since it was first released.

Colin analyses:

  • why you DON’T make more money from every sale
  • why you SHOULD make more money from every sale
  • how you CAN make more money from every sale with dozens of practical strategies for boosting your sales success.

Written for retailers, but perfect for any enterprise needing sales to survive, these add on selling ideas will make a great addition to your regular sales training. It has over 80 illustrations, 39 chapters, 18 money making exercises, and literally HUNDREDS of brilliant ideas to double your sales.

This is the kind of book you keep as a working document. It’s not supposed to be a once-off read and then spend the rest of its life on the shelf. You should probably consider it as a manual. Sales and Business Certificate courses use it as a text book.