Podcasts by Colin Pearce

This list includes both my own podcast productions and guest appearances on other people’s podcasts.

Guest appearances on Business Essentials Daily

Executive Producer, Heather Dawson interviews Colin about some of his favourite topics:
Guest interview 1. Ready, Set, Sell
Guest interview 2. Shut up and Sell
Guest interview 3.
Business Essentials Daily is a production of Sound Cartel, Melbourne.

Colin will be releasing two new podcast series in October 2020:

Colin Pearce: Stories. Yes, stories, stories and more stories—just stories. Long or short, said or sung, in prose or verse, true or made up, happy or sad; where a crisis occurs and is resolved, or a question is asked and answered, where a hero is lost and comes home.
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Storytelling works: The psychology, methodology and the magic of storytelling, featuring interviews with gifted story creators, insights into why stories appeal so much, where stories come from, what stories do, how they do it. You might even find that you are who you are because of the stories you’ve experienced, how you’ve interpreted them to yourself and cherished them since childhood. This will be ideal for teachers, speakers, counsellors, preachers, leaders and managers: anyone who has to get a message across.
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