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Aim high and shoot well.

In today’s BE SO GOOD PODCAST 011, I encourage you to get specific about your own life—your goals and intentions, so that it will never be said of you that you aimed too low and pulled up short of who you could have been. Too many people live in a grey twilgiht of self-defeat and I wouldn’t want that to be you.

Other people’s hopes, dreams and ambitions are tied up in old newspaper parcels in the backs of wardrobes. They have been limited by words, acts and the stories about themselves they’ve come to believe. It’s so sad.

Brian wanted to be a carpenter but his dad was a member of the Metal Workers’ Union so that meant he was pushed into a life of polishing toxic metals. Dawn wanted to be a fashion designer but when her mum’s friend got her a safe job in the bank she settled for a life of counting other people’s money.

But there is hope

The hope is you. Once you get your own aim and effort in play, you will surprise yourself with how helpful and supportive you can be to others.
> I tell the story of the mother sea eagle who rescues her chick.
> I talk about my own college friend Peter Phillips who brought me kicking and screaming into competent Phys Ed skills.

These are stories of advocates—the advocate you are called to be if you yearn to take a place of leadership.

An advocate comes alongside to help

I say it’s doing the work of God; to bind the heart of the broken hearted, to blow someone’s smouldering candle back to life, to strengthen the crushed reed.

There are ‘moments of truth’

I refer to the book, Moments of Truth which summarises the strategies employed by Jan Carlzon (CEO and President) that led to the dramatic turnaround of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) during the early 1980s.

We have had countless moments of truth in all our relationships and we have probably failed in too many to count. I have. But thankfully there are plenty of moments left in which we can play the advocate and bring others a little closer to their best selves and get them off the wardrobe.

Tune into this chat and see yourself as being a great encourager.

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