Misjudging your buyer: #6 on the list of sales killers

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Misjudging your buyer is so easy, anyone can do it.

A young fellow I know was giving a Holden HSV the once-over in a posh dealership in a posh suburb. He was dressed in sagging jeans, a check shirt and a hoodie with scruffy hair. He didn’t look suitably posh to the salesperson who stepped up and said with a sneer, ‘You’re not in a position to get finance for this one, mate!’ My young friend replied, ‘I don’t need finance. I’ve got the cash in my pocket but I won’t be leaving it here.’ He walked out, limping.
It turned out he’d come straight from the bank where he’d withdrawn part of his insurance pay-out after a serious road accident two years earlier.
He bought his car from another dealership.

Misjudging your buyer leads to simple but fatal errors

> You don’t want to be the kind of salesperson who presses the GO button on your Blah Blah Blah Machine as soon as you meet a prospect only to find they aren’t ready, willing or able to buy at all, do you?

> And you don’t want to be the kind of salesperson who is so scared, lazy or inattentive to notice a buyer even when one is standing on your foot, am I right?

More often than not, if we are honest with ourselves, we are all equally guilty of both, depending on the phases of the Moon or the wind direction. You have to concentrate all the time, just like an actor in a stage play, ready to give your role all you’ve got. Not many salespeople are that switched on, as you will find out in any mall in the world.

Misjudging your buyer comes in many forms

You can misjudge

  • whether you are speaking with a genuine buyer,
  • how much money the buyer has to spend,
  • when the buyer is ready to purchase,
  • whether the buyer has permission to go ahead without a second person’s permission, and
  • even whether the product or service you have to sell is close to a fit with the buyer’s needs, hopes and wishes.

Misjudging someone by their gender is still common.

I can’t put a number on the cases where women have told me the tyre guy, the muffler man, the mechanic, the computer geek, the plumber, carpenter or tree lopper treated them like numpties because they were ‘only’ women. You’d think it wouldn’t happen in 2017, but it’s still rife. Women hate it and refuse to buy from sexists.

But the number of men who complain of the reverse is astounding. Women in sales are known to talk down to people who are ‘only’ men who might be shopping for pots, pans, ironing boards, beds, linen, gifts, party supplies, wedding venues, clothing, baby and children’s supplies, clothes and interior furnishings – as if all men have neither experience nor skills in any of those fields.

Misjudging your buyer is just as easy to prevent as to do

You now what I am going to say. Ask questions! Ask them with class. Ask them in a way that gives your buyer a way to retain dignity.
Don’t ask, ‘Do you know how to cook?’ Ask, ‘When you cook, do you prepare all the ingredients first, or as you go?’
Don’t ask, ‘Have you got someone in the house who can change a tap washer for you? Ask, ‘Do you have a pipe wrench?’
Don’t ask, ‘Do you know how to start a lawnmower?’ Ask, ‘When you’re mowing do you have to dodge under low-hanging bushes?’

I could go on, but it’s all in the  Sell more, easier, faster course which you can sample at the Timeless Selling Techniques course site.

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