Innovation, you and Cloud computing

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Innovation: The sky has fallen

That’s the best way I could describe what is happening in computing innovation – Cloud Computing in fact. It’s all getting closer to wherever you will be.

NOTE: (2016) Edited post from 2010

Since the iPhone innovation

In 2010 I wrote, ‘Since two years ago, your emails and a lot of your other “stuff” can live in the clouds – on servers like Google – not on your personal hard drive – and now with a WIFI iPad, you can walk around with a computer the size of a school exercise book and collect what you want to access, on the go.’ It’s been a new world of innovation ever since.

It’s all happening

In April 2010 The Sydney Morning Herald ran an article about hand-held computing, featuring the iPad, the maybe-to-be-released HP Slate and other predictions from Nokia.
It’s not hard to get left behind if you think you’ve arrived.
That was April. A month later Apple sold its millionth iPad. You may have criticisms and witticisms about Apple and gimmicks and acquisitiveness in general but ask the question I ask myself.

Four primary questions about you and your own innovation

    · How many of your latest ideas have you sold in the last month?
    · Have you even had an idea in the last month?
    · Have you acted on it?
    · Was it all about you or was it an idea to make other people’s lives better?

When you’re hot, you’re hot, Steve!

The late Steve Jobs and his legacy Apple company just keep doing it. These guys invented the keyboard concept for computuers, the luggable PC, the whole Windows way of personal computing (about 10 years before Microsoft), then the slim laptop, iTunes, iPods. the iPhone and now the iPad.

Here are some legacy quotes from Jobs’ Twitter page:

    · “Apple killed the floppy disk, the trackball, the stylus and the Walkman. Flash will be dead within a year.” (May 9) (Ed: 2016 He was wrong about that!)
    · “Four months from now Apple will completely redefine the personal computer. This changes everything.”(May 10)
    · “Starting this summer, porn will be blocked from all Mac browsers. If you want smut, use Windows.” (May 21)
    · “For the record, BillGates bought an iPad today.” (May 26)
    · “Apple is now worth more than Microsoft. It may be different tomorrow but I thought it was worth a moment of reflection today” (May 27)

The SMH Article said, “The runaway success of iPhone surprised Nokia, and it took almost two years for the Finnish firm to roll out its first phone model with a large touch screen.” That shows how much you have to keep up with what is going down or you will be out of the game.

Five secondary questions about you and your innovation quotient:

    · Are you ready, personally, to be where the rest of us will be in a year from now?
    · Are you ready, corporately, to be where the rest of us will be in a year from now?
    · Is your web presence ‘hand held’ ready or will it be as tired in 2011 as it is now?
    · Is your social networking actually making you a buck or wasting your time?
    · Can we find your promotional movies on YouTube – the second biggest search engine?

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