How to make selling anything (like a car) easier for your customers

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A good friend connected me to the right dealer, with the right car.

The young man who demonstrated the first car to me was a perfect gentleman. His product knowledge was excellent. I just couldn’t help wondering though if I had not been a referred and locked-in buyer would I have endured the rigours of the presentation.

You see he didn’t talk about the only thing I wanted to hear about. And if you’ve known me for a while you can guess what I wanted to hear about.


Me – the nicest guy in the world, the centre of the universe, the only person I think about from dawn till dusk. Same as you. Same as your customers

How many more times do I have to shout this? Don’t talk about what it is. Don’t talk about what it does. Talk about what it does for me!

Ask, Ask, Ask

And before you start, ask me if I want to know what you are about to tell me. And as you are telling me ask me if you’re telling me what I thought I’d hear. The fine young man started telling me I could fit two travel cases in the boot and my tennis balls in one of the boot pockets and my golf balls in the other but didn’t ask me if I played tennis or golf. If he had he would have found out I developed tendonitis playing golf and can barely lift a double gelato cone let alone my travel cases. He told me about how easy the boot was to pack but didn’t ask me if I was the packer. In fact he didn’t ask me anything. He just waddled up to the boot and started quacking as if I really wanted to know everything about a car’s boot. As if!! In the end I turned that car down because of the road noise-nothing to do with the boot.

It’s not enough!

I could go on. It’s not enough to be well-groomed, well mannered and knowledgeable – although that would be a nice start for most salespeople. Please dear reader… ask me questions. I am your customer. I want you to notice me, pander to me, love me, and sell me what I want and the only way you’ll win my heart (and my money) is if you ask me questions about my favourite topic. Me!


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My Kick in the Pants for you: 

Ask. Ask, ask ask, ask, ask and when you’re done asking, ask if there’s anything you haven’t asked.


Colin Pearce

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