How to lead your ‘distributed’ team

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Jerry Crockford maintains he is not an expert on distributed teams (who is?) but the experience he shares will be helpful to leaders of groups in a large system or any small business.

When I interviewed him for BE SO GOOD PODCAST Episode 012, he was at pains to say he was still learning, but as you listen on i-Tunes or watch on YouTube you will see him lay out the issues very clearly

He agrees that it’s not a breeze for anyone.

He thought it would be simple, but he and Sandy hit a few pot-holes.


• One was access to the firm’s files so there was no overlap or duplication of alterations

• Another was the use of language to create a positive atmosphere.

• He talks about trusting the team.

• Tackling people’s expectations of flexibility was the next challenge. He recommends meeting for a Hello every morning and maintaining a 9:00 to 5:00 day even though people say they like flexibility.

• Communication became a new hurdle. On the recommendation of one of his senior team members he treats everyone on Zoom meetings like 5 year olds. Sounds patronising doesn’t it? Wait till you hear him explain what that means.

• And as for the dangers of clients hearing you talking about them or their project after a group briefing, he recommends client meetings happen on Zoom and Google Chat for the team.

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