March-April 2020 forced us into a state of shock. We went blank. Some went into despair.

In April we were told 1,000 times a day that these times were ‘unprecedented’. They were, but I’m seeing and hearing a new word, ‘pivot’.

A pivot should come naturally

The wonderful thing about humans is our capacity for resilience, rebound, re-invention. We are not welded to our axis. We can pivot any way we please.

We DO love our comfort, consistency and conformity. Challenge isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Give us a couple of years in the same place at the same pace and we think life is predictable and safe and ought to remain so.

But in all of history it’s only been like that since 1950 – a 70-year bubble – where big government, big industry, big insurance, big unions, big health made us (I’m speaking to fellow Westerners here) think it’s what we’re entitled to.

Pivoting was always the way for the oldies

My great great grandparents didn’t live in a world like that. When England and Ireland gave them ‘unprecedented times’ they pivoted. They risked life and limb and sailed to Australia. Your forebears from (maybe) Germany, Italy, Greece, Holland, Vietnam, Hungary, Yugoslavia did the same.

When my grandfather – a butcher – was shot in the leg while hunting, he could no longer carry meat carcasses, so he pivoted and started making pneumatic tyres in the burgeoning motor car era. You’ve heard hundreds of similar stories. We are the come-back species.

2020 made me pivot

In my case, I could see that travel interstate and overseas as well as group training and conferences were pretty much wrapped up so I leapt in boots-and-all and set up the Colin Pearce Academy where I’ve packed all my IP (training courses) into an easy-to-access online format. Members get accces to three things: Courses, Coaching and Community and get it all without leaving your house.

Have a look

Get the summary and see for yourself go to

It’s all spelled out. Courses, Coaching and Community:
Sales training, phone training, business leadership, induction for new employeees, and speed reading people.
You’ll get two Q&A Coaching calls a month and the Community Forum.

Price decision

Something else I’ve had to pivot about is pricing. Apart from the value of the IP, the inspiration and the entertainment value, my fee used to be set against the time spent travelling and delivering, but with the Academy online I don’t have to go anywhere.

Instead of the tens of thousands, I used to charge the top 100 companies for just one of these courses, any person can enrol in the Academy membership for only $77 a month, and access everything.

Early-adopter offer

Every new enterprise needs early adopters to build momentum, so until November 30, 2020, I am inviting you to be one. Go to Colin Pearce Academy and enrol at the locked-in-for-life monthly subscription at just $57 (per month). That doesn’t mean YOU are locked into paying for life 😉 – it means your fee is, and you will never pay more than $57 a month. Stay as long as you like. Withdraw when you are full.

Don’t fear the pivot

If you haven’t pivoted yet, there is plenty of room. Stand tall, spread those arms and embrace the air. You are resilient and don’t forget, you are ten times better than you think.

How about telling me what pivoting you’ve done?

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