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You see an ever-increasing number of posts and promotions telling you that everything has changed about selling and business. The inference is that good old salesmanship is dead. They will tell you the pie-and-donut-long-lunch hour-timewasting-salesperson era is long gone—and because;

  • audiences have changed,
  • attention spans have changed,
  • technology has changed,
  • customer buying habits have changed.

you need to get up-to-date and

  • follow the latest self-proclaimed guru,
  • buy this or that sparkling lead generation tool, or
  • Facebook ad gimmick or
  • software bauble.

Don’t get me wrong. I am an early adopter of things magic and shiny myself. And I think the pie and donut guy is as useless as he always was. But think about the offers the ‘gurus’ are making.

They are using the same timeless selling techniques as the guy who sold the first camel saddle.

They get your attention,
stimulate your interest,
disturb you by telling  you you’re in deep doodoo, and
compel you to take action with scarcity or time constraints being the main issue.

Some things have changed in selling and business – obviously.

In 1976 I started my sales career selling television advertising in tiny country towns. The stack of tools I used consisted of  7 items;

  • the main street,
  • a brochure,
  • a rate card,
  • a business card,
  • an order pad,
  • a pen,
  • and back in the office a 3 x 5 customer record card in a tin box.

That’s all that was available to the common and/or garden-variety salesperson.
Wha-a-a-a-t? No phone?

You already know what’s available today; The main street is 1,000,000 Ks long, and there is YouTube, Google, email, Facebook, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Hub Spot, Active Campaign, MailChimp, websites, trip wires, CTAs, pop-ups, and about 8,000 other stacks of tools and methods to draw attention to your service and product without leaving your pie and donut.

Some things have not changed one bit about selling.

This is where I step centre stage.

A recent survey by InsideSales shows the No.1 problem salespeople face is finding the decision maker. That’s as timeless a problem as scouring the desert of Wadi Ram to find Moses to sell him a set of bronze tent pegs.

1. I have a survey going which you can complete in half a minute which lists what I think are the top 7 sales killers murdering your sales once you DO reach the decision maker.

How do you think you murder your sales?
Or are you on a closing ratio of 100% leads to conversions? (and you lie about your weight too)

2. Perhaps you should get my latest FREE e-Book, ‘The 7 deadliest sales killers murdering your sales and you don’t even know it?’
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When you get it I will start you on a short 11 lesson FREE email course about Timeless Selling Techniques so you can see that nothing much has changed about selling after all.  More to the point it will put you back in charge of your sales and business results within a week.

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