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A quick revision about Bob

In Episodes 002 Bob Beaumont told us how he built his career from storeman in his father’s tile shop of 6 employees to Chairman and CEO of Beaumont Tiles, an empire of some 120 stores and 800 or more people.

In Episode 008 he outilned how he sets his own and the firm’s goals annually and once, when no-one but Bob believed it possible, he set a breath-taking goal of $100,000,000 turn over – and achieved it.

Bob’s home truths about selling

In this episode No 020, Bob reveals the best home truths about selling which he’s built into the Beaumont Tiles empire.

With about 120 stores all over the place you’d be forgiven for thinking Beaumont Tiles is all about retail sales to home builders (B2C).

But Beaumont Tiles has a massive side of their business selling to builders, designers, architects and developers (B2B). That requires a different set of sales skills altogether.

Bob’s principles for B2C ‘sales’

Bob confesses he doesn’t believe in selling! That’s a weird claim for the master of a commercial conglomerate but he explains that he’s against the common view of slick manipulation. His overall theme is ‘We don’t sell tiles.’ It’s similar to what Michael Harrison shared in Episode 018.

Building on that idea, Bob has three favourite guide-lines.

  • ‘Considered’ retail sales (tiles, cars, furnishings, electrical, entertainment) require us to build micro-friendships. He explains what they are.
  • To be successful at retail sales you need to be able to work with the infamous ‘brick walls’ and understand why they exist.
  • Bob’s most intriguing sales techinique is the use of the word ‘yet’. It’s the one I stole from him and teach to everyone I can. It is an absolute gem.

Here’s Bob’s ‘edge’ in commercial or B2B ‘selling’ 

In commercial selling you have to become expert in prospecting, approaching, proposing, meeting skills, listening skills and delivery. For the purpose of this article we’ll say most commercial enterprises know this and many have it down pat.

Bob and his commercial relationship team have mastered one more thing that most corpoprations don’t do. Citing Fierce Conversations’ by Susan Scott as his inspiration Bob says the secret of retaining customers for life is to have frank dialogue—in an annual assessment.

The team managers set up meetings with clients and present a report outlining what Beaumonts did right and what they did wrong and how they are going to fix the issues.

They follow through with what the client did right and what the client did wrong adding recommendations to improve the way things are done.

Then he says you do wonderful things by way of service.

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