How to speak Benefenglish—a foreign language to most business people

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You’ve heard it all before. There isn’t a salesperson who hasn’t heard these zingers;

Salespeople all over the world can recite these maxims by heart;

  • ’Don’t sell what it is. Sell what it does.’
  • ‘Sell the sizzle, not the sausage.’
  • ‘Highlight the benefits, not the features.’
  • Your buyers are on a wavelength called WIIFM–What’s in it for me’

The trouble is;



That’s why YOU need to pick up the FREE trial of the Colin Pearce Academy and take the course, Sell more, easier, faster! so you can learn how to stop babbling on about

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Why should you enrol? (benefits coming up by way of illlustration)

  1. You will close more sales, and either make more commission (or guarantee your wages) and rest easy on the money front.

  2. You will close your sales faster, and will be able to move on to the next one sooner, so you can worry less about your quota.

  3. You will be more attractive to buyers so they recommend other buyers to come to you and hence make more money without irritating prospecting.

  4. All of this will give you more fun tickets (money) to spend on yourself and your loved ones. Imagine the looks on the kids’ faces when you tell them you’re getting a new … whatever.

  5. You will get less cancellations and returns, so that will save you irritation and time.

See? That’s just a quick example. Notice I didn’t tell you about the number of actors, the number of courses, the font I chose for the workbooks, or even the topics and other courses. Why? I want you to click Colin Pearce Academy and start the trial. That will do the job.

Every salesperson I’ve ever met says they know they should be talking about the benefits of owning their product or service. And they think they do!

Every salesperson!

I’ve even had people walk out of seminars snorting that the topic was old hat, and below their dignity to have to listen.

Later of course, during mystery shopping events, they failed to demonstrate that they knew anythingabout the benefits of their product and consequently could not explain them.
They could bang on about

  • parts and
  • engineering and
  • colours and
  • shapes and
  • sizes and
  • complications and
  • ‘things too fierce to mention’.

But they couldn’t find the benefit button!

Invent a mnemonic—a formula. Use mine if you like

I don’t know how you will remember to speak in benefit-rich, customer-focused ‘Benefenglish’ if you don’t have a useful way of recalling them. A long time ago I knew I wouldn’t forget my own name so I used that as the key. You can use your cat’s name, your high school or your football team. Each letter has to stand for a real customer benefit.

I based my mnemonic on my name.

  • P – Performance
  • E – Economy
  • A – Appearance
  • R – Reliability
  • C – Comfort
  • E – Ego
  • S – Safety

So when I am telling you about the free 30-day trial for my academy, depending on circumstances, it would sound a bit like this.

[P]You will learn the core of successful selling in 6 easy-to-follow modules with backup and reinforcement, [E] and it won’t cost you a cent. [A] The video modules are appealing because you will see some actors demonstrating the skills before your eyes. [R] All the skills have been put to the test in real live selling situations over decades, so you know your new techniques will work. [C]The best thing about the course is that you complete it in your own time at your own pace without anyone breathing down your neck. [E] Imagine bringing home more sales, earning more bonuses and winning more awards using what you learn. [S] You will study in complete privacy, yet if you want to you can join a group coaching session where you can clarify any issue at all.

I’d be throwing in pulse taking questions as I went through it, but you’ll have to take the full course to learn that.

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Who should get the 30 Day trial?

F.R.E.E. (OK. Except for a dollar–just under 3¢ per day. I have to take your cc details at the start because that’s the way the system works, but I will only charge you $1. And no my fightened friend I wouldn’t have a clue how to steal more and the system is leak-proof!)

Go to Colin Pearce Academy and hit Enroll. At the enrollment page, use this coupon code. feb30days

I want to help you get all the help you need to win buyers’ confidence by speaking in their language. The Colin Pearce Academy is built with these people in mind. Most likely it’s you.

> Business owners
> Business managers
> Practice owners
> Practice managers

Such people have these needs;
> they need to get their people selling more and faster
> they need to induct new salespeople and team members sooner
> they need support and admin staff to convert incoming phone calls top sales and appointments
> they need to help struggling team members build their life skills
> they need to build better staff and customer relationships

Are you this person? There’s no need to worry about it. Here’s the solution.

If you are bothred with these issues, this offer is too good to miss. You can have access to everything in the Academy at no cost (actually it’s $1) for a 30 day (stress-free) look-see.

Before the 30 days are up you can either withdraw or you can stay, in the event of which the system will make a charge of $77 for staying on. That will be your second month and again you stay as long as you like, or withdraw when you are full.

Go to Colin Pearce Academy and hit Enroll. At the enrollment page, use this coupon code. feb30days



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