‘Goals are made to be adjusted’, says Bob Beaumont

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There’s no point in carving your goals into rock.

Goals have to be flexible. You keep them up-to-date monthly but you adjust them. Nothing is set forever.

That’s what Bob Beaumont recommends in this morning’s  BE SO GOOD BLOG Episode 008

A goal setter is created

In the 70s and 80s Bob Beaumont was happy in his life and business, managing the small family firm Beaumont Tiles, and somehow found himself on a three day weekend conference on goal setting conducted by the late James (Jim) Rohn.

Jim Rohn opened Bob’s eyes to the possibilities available to dreamers and visionaries and Bob began a life managed by his goal-setting proactices. He takes time out each year to beach-walk, think, envision the future and set his goals. It’s what’s enabled him to build from that one store to over 100 sores, from 6 employees to over 800 employees’ families now drawing their sustenance for life though Bob’s goals.

He explains his spreadsheet method of goal seting in which you will discover how goal setting is not something you do on the back of a business card in a coffee shop waiting for a bus. You think thorugh every aspect of your life; physical, mental, social responsibility, family, faith, finance and friends and give each topic time to mature in your mind before committing to a process.

Once committed however, Bob is open to adjusting his goals when he sees the need or when circumstances present new opportunities for difference goals. Likening goal setting to a ballistic missile which is only on the true path to its target for a small amount of its journey, he says the secret to good goal setting is in the adjustments.


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